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Thank you for #WeavingEmpowerment into the lives of the women of Diphlu Pathar!

The challenge:
Women in India face a multitude of cultural challenges that impede their social progress. And although there have been efforts made to identify the issue, it is now time to address it!

You identified Women Empowerment as a cause that needs immediate attention in our country, with 10.89% votes in the Tata Capital India4India Survey.


of Indians have voted for Women Empowerment

The Story

The ground reality

On the outskirts of the Kaziranga National Park lies the small & secluded village of Diphlu Pathar. While the men of the village work in the fields, the women are left to face many hardships all by themselves. From providing for an entire family with limited resources to making the unpleasant living conditions liveable, these women have to tackle severe challenges on a daily basis. To know more about the conditions of the women in Diphlu Pathar, click here.

The women of Diphlu Pathar wanted to change this situation and empower themselves, to become a beacon of hope for their village. And we found the ideal individual to aid their empowerment, Roopjyoti. A teacher by profession, Roopjyoti gave up her career 13 years ago and has since devoted herself to the upliftment of women in this area. To know more, click here.

The solution

Through the support and contributions from our network of Do Righters, we constructed a workshop and 5 handlooms so that the women of Diphlu Pathar could learn the art of weaving from Roopjyoti – which would empower them towards a better future!
In spite of several obstacles along the way, the actual construction of the shed along with the inauguration of the handlooms was completed in 10 days – a true testament to the determination shown by the villagers in completing this story. Now nobody can stop the women of Diphlu Pathar from becoming equal contributors in their households.

If we could give the women of a remote village in Assam the equality and respect that they truly deserve, then surely we can inspire millions across the country to give every woman equal respect in society.

Thank you, India!


Thank you for helping the women of Diphlu Pathar become equal partners and contributors in their households.

Stay tuned for the next story.


Thank you Do Righters!

The women of Diphlu Pathar want to express their heartfelt gratitude to all those Do Righters, mentioned below, who helped weave empowerment into their lives. Rahul Kumar Srikanth Pasumarthy Santanu Gogoi Ashutosh Tiwari Ashish Baruah Ritu Rao Sanjeev Ojha Swathi Kalyani Meghna Bhadra Dr Sudarsan Prasad Rajesh Pahuja Kanika Arora Munish Arya Pradeep Gundimeda Abhishek…
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Weaving A New Future

Our Do Righter was traveling close to the Kaziranga National Park when he came across a village, Diphlu Pathar, on its border. The villagers welcomed him into their homes and narrated their tale. They described their daily hardships, from insufficient diet to unpleasant living conditions. The women of Diphlu Pathar wanted to change this situation…
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We have successfully overcome our first obstacle!

As we move a step closer towards building the workshop and handlooms, we needed to transport certain basic materials from the closest town. But we have faced our first obstacle! On enquiry, we discovered that there is an ongoing struggle between the villagers and the forest officials. To get around, the forest officials use their…
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Bochagaon’s crusader for Women Empowerment

Roopjyoti, a well-educated and distinguished woman, had an extremely successful career as a teacher. 13 years ago, she started to realise the poor living conditions of the women of her village. It was then that she sacrificed everything and decided to devote her life to uplifting the women of Bochagaon. As weaving was in her…
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A look into Kaziranga National Park

Our Do Righter has reached the Kaziranga National Park and is witnessing some of the most fascinating natural scenes. We couldn’t help but splendour at some truly magical moments we captured. A World heritage site, the Kaziranga National Park is renowned for the sheer numbers and easy sightings of the Great Indian Rhinoceros, having more…
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Journey So Far...

Thank you, India!

Thank you for helping the women of Diphlu Pathar become equal partners and contributors in their households.

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