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112 children will now grow up in a whole new light. Thanks to India!

The challenge:
Childhood is the time to be in school, grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of family. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment with protection and guidance from their elders. Yet, every day we come across stories of these rights being violated across the country.

You identified the violation of child rights as one of the biggest challenges facing our nation, with 11.19% votes in the India4India Survey. This has led us to our next story on the Journey of Doing Right in Malavali, Pune.


of Indians have voted for Child Rights

The Story

The ground reality

Yogita & Satish have only one mission in life –to uplift the lives of abandoned children who faced a childhood just like theirs. They started Shikshangram in 2007 with only 5 children but today it houses a total of 112 children. They have always maintained that Shikshangram is not a shelter but their home. Each child is their own and should be given the right to live their childhood so that they have a brighter future to look forward to.

Shikshangram was finding it difficult to pay their overhead expenses, especially their electricity bills. They would face continuous days of load shedding which affected the studies of the children. To know more about the challenges, click here.

The solution

Keeping this in mind, we needed a solution that would not only take care of Shikshangram’s electricity bills but make them a self-sustaining institute. And we got the perfect solution – installing solar panels across the premises!

India, we asked you to help these children grow up in a whole new light – and your response was overwhelming. With your generous contributions and support, we managed to collect more than our donation amount and subsequently, installed the solar panels. They were successfully installed by Tata Power Solar.

Your support has helped give the children of Shikshangram their #RightToChildhood. They will no longer struggle while reading a book under the low light of a candle. If we can provide 112 children with the #RightToChildhood by bringing the light back into their lives, then surely we can inspire the nation to give each child their rights!

Thank you, India!


Stay tuned for the next story.


There is a Do Righter hidden in every corner of this country

When our Do Righter, Pankaj was making preparations for the solar panel installation at Shikshangram, he was looking for the best quality of raw materials at the lowest prices. To buy the LED bulbs, he approached a seller, Om Shiv Electricals, in the heart of South Mumbai. A salesman there, Bhavesh, immediately quoted a price…
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A true testament to the kindness of the Moon’s

There was a time when due to power cuts and shortages, the entire Shikshangram family would spend their evenings in the dark. Although the kids would make a day of it, the Moon’s would often worry about the situation and the repercussions if it continued. Then you, our amazing Do Righters, came to their rescue!…
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Thank you to all our Do Righters!

Thank you to all our Do Righters! Yogita, Satish and their 112 children want to express their heartfelt gratitude to all the Do Righters who have contributed, mentioned below, to this story for Shikshangram’s brighter future. Harish Iyer Shwetabh Mathur Kruti Shah Aakriti Jain Kiran A B Neha Jha Abhishek Patel Paul Thoppil Manaswi Dubey…
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Their right to the right childhood!

Yogita and Satish have a completely different outlook when it comes to the education of their children. All the youngest members of the family aren’t put into school directly but are taught at home. This is mostly due to their tender age; they require love after the trauma they’ve been through at that young age….
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The iron gates that led us to Shikshangram!

On the way to the Shikshangram Shelter for Children, our Do Righter came across the Lohagad Fort situated atop an impressive hill, 52 km away from Pune. This is the serene view at the base of this fort. Lohagad, which is 3,400 feet high, was built in the 18th century. It has four huge doors…
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When Yogita & Satish discovered their calling in life!

When Yogita and Satish married, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Satish and Yogita wanted to provide the best for her and although they lived in Malavali, they got admission for their daughter in a Pune school. They would often see the street children trying to make a living on the station. They…
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More children coming home…!

The two newest additions to the Shikshangram family are children who were discovered at Karjat station – Saloni, 3, and Yug, 5. They came home 3 months ago. Their biological mother passed away only a month back due to AIDS and their birth father is an alcoholic. They used to live near the Karjat highway….
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Growing up in a new light!

India’s future lies in the hands of her children. But we need to provide them with an environment in which they can blossom. Taking this up as their life’s mission, Yogita & Satish Moon wanted to uplift the lives of abandoned children who faced a childhood just like theirs. Although Satish and Yogita were young,…
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Journey So Far...

Thank you, India!

Thank you for helping the women of Diphlu Pathar become equal partners and contributors in their households.

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