The Universal Teacher: Baul musicians, who helped kids embrace studies through music, want to take their music to different locations.
We moved towards our next destination in Bengal - Shantiniketan. On the way, we spotted these traditional folk singers travelling with their instruments. We decided to follow them and found our next Half Story.
Meet Sanjay Khyapa & Basudev Das Baul - two Baul musicians who've been spreading joy among kids in the village, encouraging them to attend school through positive reinforcement.
Sanjay Khyapa & Basudev have been encouraging tribal kids to learn Baul music from them. But for that, the kids were asked to attend school… which they otherwise found boring. This positive reinforcement worked well for them, and the children were motivated to attend school the very next day. They now want to impact many more lives, by taking Baul music to kids across villages.
Sanjay Bhattacharya (fondly known as Sanjay Khyapa) has been living a nomadic life in Kolkata for the past 15 years, leaving behind a trail of music and bit of his soul wherever he goes. He was a part of a rock band, was into jazz and blues music, and has been learning Baul music from his Guru.
Basudev Das Baul has his own Baul Ashram in Shantiniketan, and has been practicing folk music since he was a kid.
Here's a glimpse of Basudev's Baul Ashram in Shantiniketan, where his walls talk about the places his Baul music has taken him. But there's one place that's not shown here… Baul music has led him to discover himself.
These mystic folk singers believe that Baul music has a soul-stirring effect. With a rich background in music and stories of how music has changed lives around them, they want to pass on the gift of their music to little kids across villages.
Dubki. Khamka. Ghungroo. Guitar. Dotara. These are the instruments that rule these Baul musicians' lives.
We wanted to complete their Half Story by contributing to give them 2 Dotaras & 2 Guitars, costing Rs. 11,000/- so that they could impact more lives through Baul music.
Soon enough, our Do Righters helped complete another Half Story. And the duo started tuning their instruments for a music session with the kids.
Music - the language of love, has the power to transform lives in different ways. And we were happy that this Half Story ended on a good note too!