Different Is Beautiful: Vocally challenged and hearing-impaired kids want another medium to express themselves.
Our Do Righter Pankaj Trivedi reached the next location, Varanasi, and he had fractured his right hand there. He came back to Mumbai for treatment, and the doctor advised him rest for 2 weeks.
While in Mumbai, Pankaj came across a Half Story in Mumbai - the city of dreams. A city that has so much to offer, but ends up getting captured in typical frames.
We discovered a school humbly titled Koshish  - where ENT Dr. Ajay Kothari (trustee) teaches vocally challenged and hearing impaired kids to embrace their beautiful world.
This school epitomises the city's never-say-die spirit - with the teachers here trying to help them speak through different techniques like graph method, lip reading, and even touching the throat to figure out the vowel sounds.
Through lip reading, some kids can understand conversations even while they are on different floors.
The kids are taught vocational subjects like sewing & embroidery, computers so as to make them independent. We wanted to empower them with one more ability - teaching them to express themselves through photography!
Pankaj picked up Shahin & Chetan, who were keen to take up this challenge. He promised to give them basic training in photography, so that he could empower them to capture Mumbai in a totally different light!
For 3 days, they were trained on lighting, composition, aperture... and at the end of it, they managed to take us away from the Mumbai we have always known, and absorb us in the beauty of their innocent world.
Here's a glimpse at some of their clicks and captions, with just 3 days of training: "Walls can either block out the sunshine or welcome it with open arms. Which kind of wall are you?"
"What could be a bigger learning ground than life itself? Ready, steady, go!"
"There's beauty all around us. If this plant can thrive on a wall like that…. there's hope for everyone."
Shahin & Chetan loved the opportunity they got to express themselves differently, and we asked ourselves - could we enable more students to do this?
We decided to give the school 2 cameras costing Rs. 31,500… so that students here could get a chance to discover a new voice, one that has the power to speak a thousand words, encouraging them to dream in a city like Mumbai.
Their Half Story was completed successfully, and Shahin & Chetan were only too happy that their skills helped the school get cameras, and that their classmates would get to learn photography too!
This story touched so many people. A man wanted to donate his camera, saying that he didn't need it as much as they did. We carried this image in our heart and set off from here. Our Do Righter was well-rested and was ready to hit the road again.