An Antidote Of Kindness: A compassionate and fearless herpetologist wants to continue healing and rescuing snakes
Our Do Righter Pankaj Trivedi moved on to his next destination - Dhupguri in North Bengal. There, he met Mintu Da - a 60 year old fearless, compassionate herpetologist (concerned with the study of amphibians).
Pain does different things to different people. After losing his friend to a snake bite years ago, Mintu Da went ahead and researched the subject of snakes. He realized that snakes only attack people when they feel that they could be harmed.
In a place filled with snakes, there are a lot of incidents of snakes entering peoples homes, schools, etc. And in fear, people lash out at them. Most often, Mintu Da & his sons reach the spot to find injured or dead snakes.
He has made it his mission to make people aware of this, and dispel their fears. ‘Don't Kill, Just Call' is his motto. He urges them to call him when they spot a snake, after which he treats, rescues and releases the snakes back into the forest.
Over time, his awareness campaigns have been helping people understand this aspect and there are less incidents of snakes getting injured. But the fear still looms large.
Not all snakes are as dangerous as they seem. Mintu Da has treated and rescued over 1300 pythons and over 2000 cobras, despite being bitten over 300 times. This brave man needs just a little more to facilitate his rescue efforts.
We wanted to help complete Mintu Da's Half Story by giving him first aid kits to treat the injured snakes with Rs. 16,000. These kits contain snake bags, injections, surgical kit, antiseptic lotions and bandages. Once treated, these snakes will then be released into their original habitat - the forest.
Mintu Da & his sons received their kits in no time, through generous contributions. Their resolve to help these creatures is much stronger now, and we are happy that we helped them restore the balance of nature by protecting the snakes of Dhupguri.
Their smiles gave us the strength and courage to carry on our journey in search of our next Half Story.