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Dreams are critical. They keep hope alive. So don't let go of dreams easily, be it yours or somebody else's. Nominate yourself or someone you know, so a deserving dream can be fulfilled with the help of a Tata Capital Salaam Loan. Fill in the form below to submit your nomination.

Before you begin to fill the form, be ready with:

  • Contact and occupation details of your Nominee along with his/her photograph
  • Details of the loan requirement and it's purpose
  • A convincing write-up about the Nominee and his/her dream (in case of text entry)
  • Nominee's video, which summarises his/her story, uploaded on Youtube (in case of video entry)
*All fields in the form are mandatory.

Nomination type

Please specify if you are nominating yourself or someone you know.

Nominator details

Fill in your personal details.

Nominee details

Introduce your Nominee and mention his/her loan requirement details.

How do you know him/her?
What does he/she need the loan for?

Has your Nominee applied for a loan before?

Why hasn't he/she received a loan yet?

Salaam story

Tell the story in an impactful manner to get people to give it the #LoanKaHaq. Tell the world about the struggles and dreams of the person, and how this loan can bring about a positive change in his/her life.

How would you like to tell your Nominee’s Salaam story?


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Need more time to collect the story?

Tell us your emai ID and we will send you a reminder after 24 hours.

Nomination Related Questions

Whom can you nominate?

You can nominate anyone you think should have #LoanKaHaq, to Tata Capital's Salaam Loans. You can nominate as many candidates as you like. You can submit your story as well.

Who is an eligible candidate for Salaam Loans?

Individuals belonging to EWS/LIG Category, with a total annual household income not exceeding 3 lakhs, can apply for Salaam Loans. The applicant will have to have a strong purpose for the use of the loan, and will be evaluated accordingly.

What is your role as a Nominator?

All you have to do is nominate a deserving candidate and fill in the required Nomination Form. You can help the Nominee move a step ahead by giving him a 'Salaam' for his story. You can invite your friends & family to do so as well.

What happens after the submission of a nomination?

a. After nomination has been submitted, Tata Capital will do a review and upload the story on the "Stories" page of website. Once a story is uploaded on the website, nominator will get a notification email with a link to the story.

Nominator will have to help the story get Salaams (Likes) by sharing it with friends and family.

Salaams will only get a story approved. Once the story has been approved by public through their Salaams, Tata Capital will get in touch with the nominee to furnish a few other details and documents. Post which the deserving nominees receive loans.