Do Right

Journey of Doing Right

Tata Capital’s brand proposition ‘we only do what’s right for you’ reflects a strong resolve to deliver financial solutions that are right for society at large. To propagate this ‘Do Right’ philosophy through actions, Tata Capital launched the Do Right initiative – an initiative that aims to spread the spirit of ‘doing right’. The Journey of Doing Right is a step in this direction.

We started the journey by asking you to help us identify the biggest challenges that India faces. And you did. You identified the top 5 causes as Basic Healthcare, Illiteracy, Food Scarcity, Child Rights & Women Empowerment. Ride pillion with us as we embark on our Journey across the nation to highlight these challenges. At every stop, we will address these challenges through the lens of individual incomplete stories. Real stories of courage, sacrifices, perseverance and determination that need your help for them to have a happier ending.

Because we believe that while our country may have a million challenges, in us, it also has more than a billion solutions. So join us on our Journey of Doing Right and help spread the word – whether it’s by donating or by sharing on your social network- getting involved, inspired or just staying connected. We will need your full support to do what’s right.

Because today, India needs Indians.