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    Want to Give My Family a RoofRajesh Rawal

  • I live in a chawl room with my wife and two kids. To feed us all, I sell flowers, but that only allows me to rake in six-seven thousand rupees, per month.

    The room that we live in has a sheet-metal roof over it which, over the course of time, has worn out and has holes in them. Because of this, we barely get any protection from the weather. I want to get the roof fixed, but I don’t have enough money to make that happen.

    I wish to make my business bigger, so that I would be able to afford a better life for me and my family, and make sure that we’re at least not deprived of the basics. For this I wish to apply for a Salaam Loan.

    With your support, I’ll be able to give my family the living that would fulfil our needs. Help me get my #LoanKaHaq by giving my story a Salaam.

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