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    My prioirty is my daughter’s educationBapurao Girmu

  • For the past 28 years of my life I am working as a teacher in a Government School. I teach students from 1st to the 7th standard.

    My family consists of 4 members. My wife also is a teacher. Both of us together earn a very good sum which helped us in giving our kids a respectable education.

    My son is in the 9th standard and my daughter is doing MSC Bio Information degree from Bharti Vidyapeet. This is the reason why I am applying for Salaam loans, the last year fee of my daughter’s curriculum is coming to 1 lakh and I don’t have that much saved up at this moment to pay for it.

    If I am not able to arrange this amount soon, my daughter will have to drop out of college. Please show me your support so that I can get my Salaam loans and pay for my daughter’s education. Thank you.

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