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    Lost my eyesight, but not my visionShivkumar Pasi

  • I used to be a car driver when my vision was perfectly fine. But I had to give up on that career, ever since I’ve lost sight in my left eye. I used to visit a doctor to find out why this has happened, but his diagnosis is still pending.

    I now work as a vegetable vendor, and I also wash two-wheeler vehicles for service centres to earn an extra buck. These jobs don’t do enough for me to support the family, let alone make any savings. I have also been meaning to pursue the treatment for the partial loss of my vision, but I can’t afford it anymore.

    This is why I want your help to get me my #LoanKaHaq.

    With enough money to start my own two-wheeler washing centre, and also to get my eyesight fixed, I hope to have a stable income and see a better future.

    Please give your Salaam to my story

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