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    Gender Will Not Define MeNisha Bakshe

  • I was born in a small village around Hyderabad. Throughout my childhood I struggled for my family’s acceptance for who I am, my gender always made me feel like an outsider. Out of frustration, and to start afresh, I decided to move to Mumbai.
    When I came to the Big City, I was immediately embraced by the transgender community here. They provided for my accommodation, got me sarees to wear and even helped get me a job at a dance bar. I can’t be thankful enough to them for helping me sustain a living here.
    While I make enough money to just get by, I struggle to live a respectable life. I fear that my current circumstances will never get me acceptance in society.
    I want to earn my dignity – I want to start my own Saree shop.
    I had applied for a business loan to start my small business, but the loan application got rejected for who I am – a transgender person. But I am determined to get on my feet and earn my respect by starting my own business.
    I need your support in form of Salaams. Help me live a dignified life as a respected member of the society. Help me get my #LoanKaHaq

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