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    My Dream – “Garbage to Garden” for a better IndiaSandeep Chavan

  • My name is Sandeep Chawan.  I live in Nashik, Maharashtra. Since the past four years, I have been part of the Garbage to Garden program which encourages the people of Nashik to take a chemical free approach for gardening and for growing vegetables. It is my dream to see people take those little steps towards growing chemical free vegetables, caring for the environment and to start connecting with nature. This is why, I urge the people of my city to utilise whatever space they have in their homes (like verandahs, terraces, balconies, windows etc) along with the available natural resources (like kitchen waste, leaves etc) and any other items that could be used to create their own gardens.

    Now a days, the issue of dumping grounds is fast rising.So if people start using their kitchen waste in such processes, then there would be no problem of Dumping Grounds. And it is an effective and easy way to deal with the issue. I have been involved in these practices since 12 years. In the last four years, these efforts have also been my source of income and have helped me fend for my family. Along with me and my family, two more people have made a living out of these practices.The need of chemical free farming and agriculture in today’s times has become very high. I strongly believe in raising awareness among people about this and encouraging them to contribute towards nature, which is also why I have sheltered an Indian bred cow. The cow’s dung and urine is very useful in terrace farming.

    To meet speed and increase efficiency on this work, after long I have managed to purchase a four wheel cart which has made work a little easier. But all this is on loan. And it is really hard to get a loan. And currently I am facing a shortfall in the tools required to make my dreams come true. If I can get the below listed tools can be, it will be a great contribution from the people towards the environment. And it will help me add a few shades of greenery to this otherwise grey and cemented earth. Petrol Shredder machine 65000 / – For gardening on the terrace you need to use 80% biomass (coconut shells, sugarcane peels, leaves from trees and plants, dry kitchen waste and 20% soil and compost). The above machine can burn whatever biomass is thrown by people. Which can be used later by crushing it. This machine has two benefits. One is that it stores a large amount in a very minimal space and also helps in transportation. Book Publishing 75000/- I want to print and publish the second issue of the boom on Terrace Farming. So that interested people can farm on their terrace at their home. This will be another step in saving the environment.Grinder machine 10000/- I want to make key chains from the coconut shells. Some things are made by hands only and they take a lot of time.

    If I get the machine, I’ll be able to make a lot of things, which are environment friendly. Total amt: 150000/-(1.5 lakh )

    I have a video on YouTube and about 250 people watch it every day. I have written a column on this subject for a year in Loksatta newspaper. The same has been publicized using various mediums.


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