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    Difficulties Will Not Decide My FateYogesh Mohite

  • My physical condition has rendered me to a hand-pedalled cycle, which I drive around the city in the day time, out of which I sell cigarettes. That barely does much to sustain me and my family, so I’ve had to moonlight as a security person at a local pet hospital. The sum that I earn doing two jobs, is helping me just enough to feed the family, and I’m the only one earning.

    But then I look at the responsibilities that lie ahead of me, as the eldest son, and I feel that I need to do more to provide for my family.

    I have been meaning to start my own roadside tea and snack stall, which would really give the needed boost to my income. I tried starting it once, but because the road next to it went under re-development, they had to shut my shop down.
    I had applied for loans, but all my applications got rejected.
    I’m determined to start the business again, and this time I want to make sure that I’m doing it legitimately, for which I would need to get all the paperwork done legally. This is where I’d need your help.

    Please support me in getting my #LoanKaHaq, which will help me fulfil my goals of not just having my own genuine business, but also to see that my family and I can live in contentment.

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