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    Determined to overcome circumstancesNipun Kawathekar

  • I’m an Engineering student from Dhole Patil College of Engineering, Pune, currently in my third year. I aspire to be an engineer who aims to make a positive impact on society.

    My family, which hails from Solapur, made sure I had a good upbringing, despite their modest means. I got in college on merit, and I was given admission on the basis of a token amount of Rs.9000. I have somehow managed to get through the first 3 years through hard work and determination. Now, in order to make it to the fourth and final year of college, I need to pay the pending fees of Rs.80,626, which my family and I can’t afford.

    To make matters worse, the education loan I had applied for to tackle this problem, unfortunately, got rejected, for no particular reason. I really do not want my circumstances to deny me the bright future which I want to work towards.

    I know that I have the aptitude and the resolve to do justice to the course I’m in. But to be a successful engineer, I need my #LoanKaHaq, for which I can use all the support that I can get. With my education, I hope to be an asset to society, and your Salaam will make sure I get there soon.

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