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    To building a new and better futureSaira Banu

  • My sister, her husband and her older son planned and carried out an acid attack on me, two of my other sisters and the one year old daughter of one of them. I suffered 21% acid burns on my face, eyes and my hands. I have been undergoing treatment, ever since, amounting to seven surgeries done so far, with two more pending.

    The perpetrators were sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, but are now out on bail. My future, on the other hand, hangs in limbo.

    With the help of my loved ones and that of support groups, I’ve managed to overcome the emotional scars that the attack brought along with it. All the help has empowered me to feel independent to do whatever I must to better my life.

    This brings me to Salaam Loans. With the loan amount in hand, I hope to set up a bakery, which will help me earn my own living, and I’d like to contribute to the aide of other victims of acid attacks through the venture.

    I hope to find your support with every Salaam to my story.

    Thank you.

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