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Some people are brave enough to dream big and bold, to push the limits. However, their dreams are denied due to unforeseen circumstances, or misfortunes beyond their control, for no fault of their own. Such segments who are denied loans, even if the intention is just.

Tata Capital aims to help them initiate a life-changing beginning, by providing loans based on the strength of their conviction, with the help of the public at large. Salaam Loans, a special loan offering by Tata Capital Do Right initiative, is our way of saying every right intention has a #LoanKaHaq, which the masses will support with every Salaam.

We invite you to support us by nominating such people and voting for them so their dreams can take off.

The Salaam loans journey


You Nominate

While filling the Nomination Form, all you need to do is submit a picture along with a write-up, or a video to summarise your Nominee's story.

After the story is reviewed , you will receive a confirmation email.


People Approve

Once the story is reviewed, it will be published on the Salaam Loan Stories page.

You have to help the story get approved by getting it Public Ka Salaam (likes), invite your friends and family to give your story Salaam.


We review

Post public approval, Tata Capital gets in touch with the nominee to furnish mandatory details .


Get your #LoanKaHaq

Tata Capital disburses Salaam Loan to the approved story.

Things You Should Know
About Salaam Loans

About Salaam Loans

  • What are Salaam Loans?

    Through the Salaam Loans initiative, Tata Capital is open to accept applications for loans - given to people, belonging to a section of society, who do not have access to funds for reasons outside their control. Loans will be given to the applicants at a reduced cost for a period of 1-3 years, with a cap of Rs. 1,00,000 per applicant. Loans will be given basis the intended use of the money by the applicant.

  • Whom should I contact for any queries related to my Salaam loan?

    For any loan-related queries, you can email us at

  • What is the maximum & minimum loan amount I can avail under Salaam Loans?

    You can avail of loans ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

  • How do I apply for Salaam Loans?

    You can approach us by

    • 1.Applying online through our Do Right website
    • 2.Sending SMS SALAAM to 56161561
  • For what purposes can I avail Salaam Loans?

    Salaam Loans can be availed for productive causes or emergencies, which could range from (but are not limited to) setting up small businesses, education or training, medical expenses etc.


  • Who can avail of Salaam Loans?

    Individuals belonging to EWS/LIG Category, with a total annual household income not exceeding 3 lakhs, can apply for Salaam Loans. The applicant will have to have a strong purpose for the use of the loan, and will be evaluated accordingly.

  • I am 20 years old, can I avail Salaam Loans?

    Minimum applicant age for Salaam Loans is 21 years, at the time of applying for the loan. Moreover, you cannot apply for the loan if you have crossed 60 years of age (for salaried) or 65 years (for self-employed).

  • For what purposes can I avail Salaam Loans?

    Salaam Loans can be availed for productive causes or emergencies, which could range from (but are not limited to) setting up small businesses, education or training, medical expenses etc.



  • What are the documents that I need to submit when I apply for Salaam Loans?
    • a. Application Form: You need to duly fill the application form on our Do Right website. You must give your complete background and reasons for applying for the loan.
    • b. Age Proof: Passport, Driving licence, PAN Card, Voter ID.
    • c. Residence Address Proof: Gas/Electricity/Landline Bill, Bank Statements, Property Tax Receipts, Voter ID, Passport etc.
    • d. Banking Details (of Self or Co-applicant): Last 6 months bank statement.
    • e. Any document needed for valid proof such as disability certificate, educational documents etc.
  • Do I have to provide any security or collaterals?

    No security or collateral is required for obtaining Salaam Loans.

  • Do I need a co-applicant for Salaam Loans?

    You need a co-applicant for loan amount higher than Rs. 50,000. The co-applicant has to be an earning family member.

Servicing and repayment

  • Is there any Processing Fee or Loan Foreclosure Charge?

    There is no Processing Fee or Foreclosure Charge for this loan.

  • How much time will it take for my loan to get disbursed?

    The time will vary with the complexity of your case, your co-operation in disclosing all your financial obligations and income sources as well as your financial profile. The assessment period will take 10-12 working days. After we process your application, and if your loan is approved, we will follow 7-10 days for the disbursal of the money.

  • What are my options for repayment?

    We accept PDCs (Post Dated Cheques) as well as ECS (Electronic Clearance Service) facility, where the Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) are periodically debited from your account with your consent.

  • What are the loan tenure options?

    The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 36 months.

Change a life

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